Stop Cuts to New York's After-School Programs

Today, the State Legislature will return to Albany for yet another extraordinary session called by the Governor to address the budget deficit.

While our Legislators are working out their differences on potential budget cuts, we need to make sure our message is getting to the Capitol: mid-year cuts to youth development and Advantage After-school funding will hurt our kids, our families, and our communinities.

Tell them that cuts to these programs will mean an immediate reduction in after-school services and, in some cases, providers will be forced to close their doors.

Cuts to after-school funding will:

  • require parents to pay out-of-pocket expenses for alternate after-school care, if they can find it,
  • force families who can't afford this additional unplanned expense to leave their kids home alone,
  • put our kids in danger because Violent juvenile crime triples from 3:00pm to 8:00pm, when children face the most serious danger of becoming victims of crime.

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