Support the Occupy Wall Street Demonstration!

Right now, thousands of supporters are gathered in New York City, demonstrating against the greed and corruption that is consuming our paychecks, our financial well-being, and the hope for a better, stronger America.

Big banks and corporations have been given tax loopholes, sweetheart deals, and billion dollar bailouts, and continue to dismantle our economy.

Now, people are beginning to gather and protest the excessive power that corporations have over our economy. These brave activists - some of them students, unemployed workers, union members, and other concerned citizens - have spent the past two weeks demonstrating against a flawed economic system that strongly caters to the whims of the super-rich and ignores the needs of the other 99% of Americans.

We stand with them in their fight for a society that works for everyone, not just the richest 1% of people.

As part of the 99%, I stand with the students, union members, unemployed workers, and other concerned activists who are protesting the corrupt system that benefits big banks and corporations at the expense of working families in America.

For almost three decades, America has supported Wall Street. Now, it's time to finally stand up to the greed that is causing our nation's economic collapse.

I support the Occupy Wall Street movement as they bring change to a system that has advanced financial inequity, corporate greed, and insecurity in America.
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