No Means No: Ban Fracking in New York State

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is holding meetings to determine whether hydrofracking should be allowed, despite their Environmental Impact Statement's (EIS) failure to address the numerous public health concerns raised by this drilling process.

Fracking has already been banned in the New York City and Syracuse watersheds. How, then, could it be acceptable in other places?

Sign the petition now and urge the DEC to ban fracking across New York State!
As a resident of New York State, I don't believe that the process known as "hydrofracking" can be made safe, nor can it be adequately monitored and regulated by the state. The Department of Environmental Conservation's draft regulations do not address the numerous issues presented by this technology, including the impacts on local roads, municipal waste water treatment facilities, local services like housing, traffic and emergency response systems. For these reasons, I ask the DEC to not permit hydrofracking in New York State.
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