Tell the DEC: Don't Frack New York!

Despite a growing majority of New Yorkers being opposed to hydrofracking, Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation issued a new set of regulations.

By issuing the new set of regulations - without having first done a comprehensive health impact study on this dangerous method of natural gas extraction - the State is ignoring the will and best interest of so many New Yorkers who have voiced serious and legitimate concerns.

If we don’t act, these regulations could be implemented as early as February, paving the way for the natural gas industry to do irreversible damage to our air, water and economy.

The brief period for public comment on these new regulations is right now. Submit your comments to the DEC using the form below.

This is our chance to send a strong message to the DEC and Governor Cuomo that we can’t put the horse before the carriage - science and the safety of all New Yorkers must come before drilling for profits.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation