Voter-Owned Elections Organizational Sign-On

New York deserves a state government that is truly accountable to the voters and the public, one that is transparent, accountable and promotes fairness.  To do so, New York State must pass a voluntary system of publicly financed voter-owned elections.  Voter-owned elections for qualified candidates has been a major success in New York City, Maine, Arizona, North Carolina and dozens of other states and cities across America. Most recently Connecticut used its new voluntary public financing system during the 2008 elections and 81% of candidates ran for office on the power only of small donor fundraising.  Many of Connecticut’s lawmakers ran and won using a fixed and equal amount of public funds instead of spending their time dialing for large campaign dollars and holding high dollar fundraisers.

Public financing of elections:

-Gives voters back control over elections and elected officials, and lessens the influence of wealthy corporate campaign donors on lawmakers;

-Allows elected officials to be accountable to only the public when making decisions about the issues that matter most to our communities;

-Allows more and different kinds of people to run for office, including more women and more people of color;

-Allows elections to become a contest of ideas rather than a race to see who can raise the biggest financial war chest.

______(Organization)________ endorses the need for a voluntary system of publicly financed voter-owmed elections for New York State and stands united with a growing group of organizations in encouraging Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature to enact such a system in 2011.