Help Spread the Word!

Our message is an important one: when it comes to getting a government that works for all of us, we need to fight the big corporations and lobbyists who just want to keep getting richer.

But, for us to win, we need to get our message out - and it needs to get out now!

Help spread the word about our movement for Every Street, Not Wall Street. Here's some things you can do right now:

1. Change Your Facebook or Twitter Profile Pic

Take a stand and let all of your friends know which side you're on! Swap out your normal profile picture on Facebook and Twitter with this stylish "I'm an Every Street Voter!" graphic.

Just right click on this image below, download it, and then post it to your social network profile (this image will work for both Facebook and Twitter):

2. Get Some Pledge Cards Signed

The core of our Every Street campaign is collecting pledge cards from new supporters. Once we find other folks who will be Every Street Voters we'll continue to contact them and get them invovled. Can you committ to getting 5 folks to sign pledge cards? Or maybe 10?

Click here to sign up and download the pledge cards.

3. Send an Email to Your Friends

Use the form below to send an email to folks in your address book. You can import your address book from gmail right on this website, or you can click the link below to send the message from your regular email software, like Outlook.

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