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Let's Tell Speaker Pelosi:

New York Wants a Strong Public Option and Affordability in H.R. 3200

Join fellow New Yorkers in signing this letter to Speaker Pelosi

As Congress moves closer toward passing health care reform legislation, we must make sure that House leadership is going to firmly fight for a public option and strong affordability provisions in the final reform package.

According to this article from the Daily News, Speaker Pelosi is signalling a willingness to compromise, putting the public option in jeopardy. We must make our postion very clear to Speaker Pelosi: New York needs a public option and subsidies for families up to at least 400% of the federal poverty level so health care is accessibly to New York's working families.

Let's spread the word and get 3,200 signatures on the letter to help pass H.R. 3200!

Use the form below to sign this letter to Speaker Pelosi, and please add your personal comment too!

Once you're done, be sure to spread the word. That's the only way we'll reach our goal of 3,200 signatures!

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1623 October 11, 2009 Marlene Kadleck Endicott, NY Thank you so much for speaking out for the middle class, even though some may not sound positive about the public opt., the minds of some of these people get jaded by right wing supporters of the insurance companies.
We want you to know we appreciate all your hard work. Thanks.
1622 October 11, 2009 Estelle Katz New York, NY
1621 October 10, 2009 Samuel Whaley East Nassua, NY We need a public option.
1619 October 09, 2009 Raymond G. Esposito Rock Stream, NY
1618 October 09, 2009 bernice wilson White Plains, NY Be Strong. Fight for a Public option
1617 October 08, 2009 adam miller New York, NY
1616 October 08, 2009 adam miller New York, NY
1615 October 08, 2009 Dianne Patterson Glenmont, NY
1614 October 08, 2009 Sarina Jean-Louis Astoria, NY
1613 October 08, 2009 Lauren Alexander New York, NY
1612 October 08, 2009 R. Walter Mechanicville, NY
1611 October 08, 2009 Seth Shapiro Saratoga Springs, NY
1610 October 08, 2009 Robb Smith Wynantskill, NY
1609 October 08, 2009 Chris Scoville Albany, NY
1608 October 08, 2009 Erica Johnson Albany, NY
1607 October 08, 2009 Mary Poggi rochester, NY We voted for CHANGE - healthcare refune MUST INCLUDE THE PUBLIC OPTION.
Thank you for all your work on this issue. You always sound great in your interviews! :)
1606 October 08, 2009 Robin Brown New York, NY
1605 October 07, 2009 Kristine Smith Rochester, NY
1604 October 06, 2009 Lonene Crawford new York, NY
1603 October 06, 2009 Alexandra Fisher New York, NY
1602 October 06, 2009 Marta Espitia New York, NY Most people I know have no health insurance. Their jobs (if they have one) do not provide it. Out-of-pocket healthcare is impossible to sustain for even just a well-visit. Anyone needing a procedure or surgery will have to just forget it because who can afford thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for that?
1601 October 06, 2009 Stephanie Bershad New York, NY
1600 October 06, 2009 Natalie James Brooklyn, NY
1599 October 06, 2009 Lyana Fernandez New York, NY
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